Wednesday, February 14, 2007

5 Things I Haven't Mentioned Before

I have been tagged by my friend, Sanni @ Coffee 2 go has tagged me with a
Meme. The purpose of this Meme is for me to tell you 5 things that I have not previously revealed on this blog. So, here goes!
1. Lalalala: Some of you already know this because either you've known me personally or read The Interview I did with David a couple of years ago. I am a singer. I onced traveled with a country band as the lead female vocalist. In this country band we did several different skits. I would dress up as Dolly Pardon and sing 9 to 5. In this skit, I had to "enhance" certain portions of my body that aren't as "endowed" as Dolly. I would use balloons to achieve this look. I no longer travel, as I have a family who needs me. I realized that having a wonderful husband and a family was more important to me than music. That is why I quit singing professionally. I still do it in the shower, in the car and when I rock my kids to sleep, though.

2. My husband is the man with whom I lost my virginity.

3. My best friend and I sat up one night ALL night long watching cars in the parking lot from the 12th floor of the Gold Strike Casino hotel! :) It was a fun night. But, it sure was a LONG ride home 'cause we were both so tired!

4. If my husband (or anyone else for that matter) folds my towels, I have to refold them. I am very anal about them all being the faced the same way, etc. The washcloths are included in my madness.

Finally...I cannot STAND for a child to be dirty, especially my own. It drives me insane. They both hate it when I bathe them and dig the dirt out from under their finger or toenails!

Sorry it took me so long to do this. It was a bit harder than I had expected it to be since my life is an open book on this blog! :) Hope I've enlightened you all. Now I have to tag five others!! Who'll be the victims

lucky folks?!
I choose: Kara from A Bit of Me
Josh at The Gabbatha Journey
Rachel at The Heart of Rachel
Gene from Turning The Pages of Life
and last but not least, my buddy David from David's Daily Talk...
Hope you all will participate and enjoy!

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Sanni said...

Thanks so much for playing, Tish!

I love your answers -

I´m with you on #4 on #5 - but I´m a lucky one: Luis (still) loves it when I wash/bath him =)

Gene Bach said...

Well, looks like I have my work cut out for me tomorrow! LOL!

Josh said...

You're on. My blog's pretty honest, so I'll have to think about that for a while.

Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for the tag. I'll let you know as soon as I'm done with mine.

Thanks for sharing these interesting things about you. It's always nice to learn new things about friends. #2 is also typical among Filipinos. :) I can relate with #5. I'm also very particular with cleanliness.

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm back ... I'm done with mine. :)

Skittles said...

OMG... I'm the same way with my towels!

Kara said...

I'll get on this right away :) Might take a bit to think of 5 things.

Mike said...

I guess you now know why I don't fold anything in my house lol. It will just get done again.

Shaz said...

Just poppin' in (again) via BestBlog. I love country & I'm off to see Dolly in concert in March (can't wait. Nice to see a fellow working Mom has good taste in music