Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Year

I asked hubby over the weekend what we were going to do to ring in the new year. He said he figured we'd be at home with the kids. I then asked, "We aren't going to go out and do anything?" He stated, "We're too old, and we have kids. We'll probably just stay home." The funny part is that we're not even thirty and he thinks we're OLD! So, what do you other OLD people plan to do to ring in the New Year?

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Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Hahah...You just made me smile. I feel old too (I'm barely 30) but with 2 kids at home, who wants to pay through the nose for a sitter? Not to mention when you come back late and tipsy, someone's gotta take the sitter home. (oh, and at least my kids, don't realize that mommy wants to sleep in on New Year's day, so they still wake up at 6am!) So..having said all that, we're gonna watch the ball drop in Time's Square and then probably hit the sack.
Happy New Year to you and your hubby.


Skittles said...

Stay home lol