Saturday, November 25, 2006

Today's The Big Day

Today we're having my little girl's 4th birthday party! : ) We are having it at McDonald's. This is the first year we've A)Not had it at home and
B)Invited "friends" from school.
Usually it's at home and there are always LOTS of people in attendance, and mostly just family and close friends of ours that have children. But, since she started pre-school/daycare she has made friends of her own. We narrowed the list down to 15 children from her school. Two RSVPd saying that they would be able to attend. 1 said that they could not. The others I never heard from. So, I don't know how many will show. I do know that there is another little girl in her class that is having her party at 1 o'clock. Shelby's is at 3. So, we're going to her party and we'll already be there for Shelby's. : ) 4 hours at the McDonald's playland! Whoo hoo...
Anyhow, her birthday is not 'till Wednesday. She's going to get a couple of gifts from us today, but the BIG one will come Wednesday morning...she's getting a Dora Kitchen! : )

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Mike said...

I hope you and Shelby have fun at the McD's. I've been to those when younger relatives had them and it gets pretty wild at times. I bet she will love the Dora Kitchen too.

Skittles said...

Happy, happy birthday to Shelby!!! Give her a big hug for me?