Monday, November 27, 2006

Sick Girl

I got sis up this morning and she was pretty cranky. I just figured that after a 4 day weekend, she just was going to give me hell about going back to daycare. Well, when we made it into the bathroom she started crying and she said that her ear was hurting her. I just slumped over thinking in my head...what now?! I have to take off tomorrow for brother's surgery to put tubes in his ears. I can't take off this morning to take her to the doc. So, hubby stepped up to the plate and took her. Since he owns his own plumbing business, he can do that. So, he took her and sure enough she had a BAD ear infection. He gave her antibiotics and some drops. She also still has that bad cough from a couple of weeks ago. So, she's still taking that cough medicine. Bless her heart. She is staying the night with my sister 'cause we have to get little man up early and be at the surgery center tomorrow am at 6. Please don't forget to say a little prayer for us that everything will be okay with my son and his tubes. : )

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Rebecca said...

I was starting to worry about you yesterday since I hadn't heard back; sounds like you are having a rough week to the start. I'll be sending good thoughts to Tyler this morning.


Skittles said...

Oh nooo.. not both of them!

(I stole your clipart.. hehe.)

Tisha said...

Thanks, Bec. I'm sorry I didn't computer is still sick with a virus. : (
I was tending to Tyler all night last night, so I didn't get online.