Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pumpkin Carving

Tyler "scooping" out the insides.

Shelby was proud of her pumpkin!!

Brien carved a ghost. It did take LOTS of time, but he liked the end result.

Shelby put pegs in a small pumpkin...something similar to a Light Bright and then we placed a LED light inside. The end results are cool, and no sharp objects to worry about. : )

I went with a simple "face". It was a little difficult, but different than a "triangle" nose, eyes, etc.

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Rebecca said...

That's a lot of cool pumpkins! And cute kids!

Tisha said...

Thanks! ; )

David said...

Ya'll always do the best looking pumpkins of anyone I have ever seen.

Barb said...

The kids did those?? Holy cow! Great pictures, adorable children.

Tisha said...

No, Barb...the kids did NOT do those. *LOL* They helped scoop them out. Shelby did the small one. But, my husband did the ghost and I did the face. The kids were great moral support. Heh heh