Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My Sister

I just wanted to post this so that my sister would know how much I love her!

You've been my sister
for many years,
We've laughed together
And shed some tears.
We've had harsh words,
And pulled some hair
But against the world
We are a terrific pair.
Our times together are very few,
I just want to say I LOVE YOU!

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Tisha said...

Mandy, my little sis is going through some tough times right now. She's a newlywed with a new family of in-laws and a new step-son. The relationships are having some trouble molding together, but in the end if everyone is willing to work at it, I think it could happen. I just want her to know that the relationships that she has always had with her family who know and love her will always be there. : )
I love her dearly and I pray for the best with her and her new family.