Wednesday, October 04, 2006


who reads this it husband, wife, child, mom, dad, etc.

If you are going to be late getting home, even if your phone is dead please stop somewhere and call your family to let them know so that they are not sitting up for hours worried about you.

Yes, my husband didn't get home 'till 3am today. I was up worried about him because I knew he'd "be late". But, I wasn't expecting "early in the morning" late. So, anyhow I was out sitting on the porch worried about him for several hours. I could not go to sleep thinking that he might be in a ditch somewhere, the cab of his truck filling with water, his cell phone just out of arm's reach. It was a horrible night. His phone was dead, that's why he didn't call. When he finally got to a phone and would've been able to call, it was really late and he was afraid he'd get in trouble for calling and waking mysle up and risking waking the kids up. I let him slide this time and nearly squeezed him to death when I finally saw him drive up. But, if that happens again he's in BIG TROUBLE!!

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David said...

Well I am sure he learned his lesson and I am glad he is OK. You know most time us guys act upset because ya'll worry so much, but it really is sweet.

Tisha said...

He'd better have learned his lesson!!