Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Today my little man had to go for his one year check up at the dr. I took him last Tuesday and they told me that I was a week early for his appointment. Ooops. Better early than late, I always say.

Anyhow, I gave the nurse his shot record when I first got there so that she could fill it in and she started filling it in and then informed me that she was filling in the wrong shot record. I had given her my older daughter's card. Man, I'm really looking outstanding to these people now! Hey, at least I brought the right kid!

He got to see the doc and he told us, as usual that he was perfect and he was growing well and his chart looked good. So, after that he sent in the nurse and the poor little guy had to be held down and he just cried and cried. That is just the worst feeling to have to hold your baby down and let someone hurt them! He kept screaming and looking at me like MOMMY WHY AREN'T YOU DOING SOMETHING HERE!?!? But, anyhow he made it through and I made it through.

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David said...

Yep, good memories!!