Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Float Trip

We had a fun time on our canoe/float trip this weekend. We floated the Spring River. It wasn't as bad as people had led me to believe. I was scared of "rapids", but there was nothing to it at all. There was one place where it got a little scary, but lucky for us someone else in our group tipped over in front of us, so we knew to go to the other side. *LOL*
We had a nice get away in our newly purchased camper.

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David said...

We had one, took it out twice and Renee' told me to sell it or my 4-wheeler. I sure do miss that camper, but I was/am not getting rid of my 4-wheeler. Of course Renee' don't let me ride it anymore since I flipped it over and almost killed myself. Hmmm maybe I should have kept the camper :)

Sounds like a GREAT trip!!! Pictures?