Tuesday, July 11, 2006

You're my Mississippi

So, I don't usually remember a lot of "movie lines". I'll laugh or say, that's good I gotta remember that one, but by the end of the week, I have already forgotten it.

Well, last night we watched Annapolis with James Franco and Tyrese Gibson. It's an excellent movie if you haven't seen it. Anyhow, there was a funny line in there where James Franco wants to quit and one of his roommates tells him that he can't quit.
"You can't quit, you're my Mississippi."
"What do you mean, I'm your Mississippi?"
"Well, Arkansas loves Mississippi because as long as Mississippi is still around, Arkansas isn't the worst state in the United states.
You can't quit, 'cause as long as you're around, people forget about me and think of how bad off you are."

So, from this point on they refered to one another as Arkansas and Mississippi. Being as I am from Arkansas, I laughed about it for a while.

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