Monday, July 10, 2006

Week 48 in Your Baby's Development

At eleven months old, babies usually range from 27.25 inches long and 17.5 pounds (10th percentile) to 30.25 inches long and 23 pounds (90th percentile). Tyler weighed in at a whopping 23lbs at his Dr visit on Friday!!

Can you believe how quickly this year has passed and that in four short weeks Tyler will be one year old? *sniff sniff* Gimmie a minute here...NO!!! I can't believe that my baby boy is almost a year old. I don't know if I can cope with this. He's my baby, ya know...and he's getting so big.

You may notice Tyler beginning to organize objects by their colors, shapes and sizes as he learns to recognize patters and similarities. He may even start trying to stack blocks; however, it may take a while longer for him to succeed in balancing one on top of another. Mirrors are still a mystery, and he may try to grab objects he sees in one. He loves to stand at the full length mirror in the bathroom and look at you in the mirror and then turn around and look at you. He is so amazed by this!! He also loves to give you kisses in the mirror, as well as kiss himself. He's too cute doing this. I need to catch this on video.

Your baby's appetite will go through many changes and about this time his appetite might drop, even while his interest in food increases. A baby usually triples his birth weight by his first birthday, but only gains a few pounds between his first and second. Don't worry about Tyler not eating enough, he will eat all he needs, and will learn to stop when he is full. This kid eats non stop!! Yesterday he was constantly crying he wanted a snack. He's gonna be a big boy, I guess so he needs a lotta nourishment.

Tyler is now able to stand without holding on and may be walking all by himself. He will be very unsteady on his feet at first and will stumble and fall frequently. While standing, Tyler probably keeps his legs spread far apart to aid his balance. You may also notice that his feet are nearly flat and that his toes point in a bit as he steps. This is absolutely normal at this age and he will gradually turn his toes straight as he learns to walk better. He is walking a bit more. Yesterday he was walking with Shelby some. He stands up and tries to get over to her. They played in her room a lot yesterday.

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