Thursday, June 08, 2006

Week 44 in Your Baby's Development

You may begin to think your baby has grown into a monkey as he starts to crawl, wiggle, and climb out of his crib, stroller, and highchair. Naaahhhh...I already knew he was a monkey! He was a monkey even before he was born!!! Diaper changes will also become even more challenging because, honestly, who wants to lay there for a whole minute when there's exploring to do? It is nearly impossible to change this kid's diaper. Just be sure to move heavy, hot or otherwise dangerous objects at least 12 inches away from table and counter edges so they're safely out of reach of Tyler's curious hands.

This new, adventurous behavior may end in a few accidents, but try not to overreact each time he takes a tumble. He's pretty tough. Not much time to cry when there's a whole house waiting for his little hands to touch! Wait to see how he feels and whether or not he's hurt. Sometimes you can say, "Oops, you fell down," give him a kiss and he may continue playing or attempt to fall again so he can get another kiss from you. Just be sure that if he is hurt, you provide appropriate medical attention right away.

Tyler may start taking short walks while holding onto your hand. he now understands what to do when you are dressing him and will stick out his arms and legs to help you. Back to the diaper changing scenerio...he likes to get dressed about as much. He may also be able to drink from a cup all by himself - although some babies may not do this for a few more months. He LOVES to drink from a sippie cup.

It's never too early to begin teaching Tyler manners. Remember that he learns by mirroring you, so get in the habit (if you're not already) of saying "please" and "thank you." Starting early, being consistent, and using these words yourself will help Tyler incorporate them into his vocabulary.

A Tip from the Trenches
If Tyler likes playing with his feet and hates to have you put on his shoes and socks, you may be able to avoid the struggle by putting him in his highchair. He can't see his feet while in his highchair and may not figure out what you're doing until it's too late. This may save you some time, and both of you a lot of frustration. What a great idea!!!

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