Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cute Story

When my daughter turned 2, my mom bought her a Sit & Spin. I had one when I was a kid, and man I loved that thing! Well, now they come with cool buttons on the top and it lights up and plays cool music. Shelby liked it when she was younger, but never has really played with it a lot. It wore off quickly.

Tyler was exploring in her room a couple of weeks ago and found this new thing! He had a great time with this thing. He can't really figure out how to sit on it and spin it. But, he loves to hang on to it and stand up and push the buttons. He will dance, shake his head, booty, bend his knees. It is the cutest thing! I got the video camera out last night. I could never capture this on video 'cause when he'd see me with the camera he would chase me around the house trying to play with the camera.

I was just thinking that it is funny that mom bought this for Shelby before Tyler was even a thought and now he has more fun with it than she does! So, I think we're getting more bang for her buck!

Love, Tyler

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