Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Forty-Sixth Week In Your Baby's Development

Tyler may have been unintentionally ignoring you before because he was distracted, but now he may have cleverly learned that if he pretends not to hear you, he can get away with doing what he wants. Both of my kids do this...I know this is normal!! *LOLBabies this age are quickly learning how to get their way. If Tyler is ignoring you, try not to repeat yourself; make eye contact and speak clearly and firmly to him, and be sure to praise him when he listens and complies with your request. Your praise and attention may be all the reward he needs. Praise is the only thing that will get his attention. I have gotten on to him before by slapping his hand when he is into something he's not supposed to be and he'll keep on. It does not phase him a bit to get a slap! He's very stubborn. My mother in law says that my husband was the same way. You had to do more than spank him to get his attention, even at an early age.

Tyler's personality is really blossoming now. His opinions are getting stronger and he isn't shy about expressing them. He can now understand and shake his head no when he doesn't want to do something. Heh heh...he does this often! He'll actually pull up on the entertainment center and he knows he gets in trouble for that so he'll immediately shake his head no when I say his name!! He will also become excited and clap for himself when he has mastered a new skill or task. Last night I finally got him on video doing his dances. He gets up on his knees and just claps and shakes his booty! It's the cutest thing! Now that Tyler has gotten the hang of finger foods, the next step is learning to use utensils. Give him a toddler-sized spoon and some cut or mashed food and show Tyler how to feed himself. We've tried with the baby spoon and fork for a while, but he chokes himself. Be prepared for some (more) big messes - your kitchen has probably seen quite a bit of this flying-food action in the last few months! He will still use his fingers to eat for many months, but Tyler is slowly becoming table-ready. If Tyler isn't walking yet, don't worry - some babies may not start walking until 15 months, and that is as normal as babies who started walking at nine months. He's not walking just yet. He is standing, but just hasn't quite figured out how to navigate just yet.

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