Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Your 9-Month Old This Week

Even if your baby is cruising, don't invest in baby shoes until he walks independently and can easily navigate rough or uneven surfaces. He isn't walking yet. He isn't really truly crawling! He still scoots. He'll crawl a little bit and then get on his belly and pull himself with his arms and one leg. I wish he would realize that he could move much faster up on his knees. Experts say going barefoot in the beginning helps him develop his arches, leg muscles, balance, and coordination. Once he stops holding on and takes some initial wobbly steps without help, though, head for the shoe store He is really pulling up on everything now. But, still no steps just yet. He's fearless, though. He crawled off the bed Saturday. He falls down and he'll get right back up without a care in the world!!! Your baby will probably progress amazingly fast (usually in a matter of days) from first steps to toddling more confidently on his own. Then he'll be ready to don shoes and try walking outside.

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