Friday, May 19, 2006

OH, why me Lord, why me!?

So, I am new to the downloading/burning/ripping MP3 crap! Anyhow, I downloaded 5 songs last night. Yay! I was so proud of myself. It was a big headache, though because I had to download them to my computer, burn them to cd, download them back to my computer in mp3 format and then save them to my mp3 player. Seemed like a lot of headache for this thing. Well, I did it and I was so proud and was groovin' to My Humps & Laffy Taffy last night. : )
Anyhow, today I look online to check my bank account.
It shows each of the songs being .99 as agreed.
Then under that charge is an extra charge of $20!!!


I am now freaking out thinking that I will never, ever get in touch with a human and work this out. So, anyhow I called the 1-800 number I finally found on the website.
Why is it that they hire people from foreign countries to do their customer service?!?! I could not understand half of what he said!!
Apparently if you download less than 20 songs at a time, they charge you $20 service fee---PER SONG!!! But, they will credit it back to your account in the next billing cycle (3-5 days).
Well, for poor gals like me $20 x5 = $100!!! I don't generally have an extra $100 floating around in my account! He said that it wasn't really a charge since there would be a credit. I was like...LOOK DUDE!! I am looking at my bank statement, there are charges and NO credits, so it is a FREAKIN charge 'till I get a credit.

I was just glad I looked and had time to transfer some funds over!

I won't use this service again, by the way!!!

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