Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Mo Show

Ho Ho Ho or Bah Humbug:
What's Your Holiday Mood This Year?

The Mo Show
Tonight (Wednesday December 5th)
@ 7pm Eastern
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I am excited about Christmas. I have small children, though and I know how excited they are to see what Santa has to offer up for them this year. We are looking forward to spending the holidays together. Tomorrow night the drive through living nativity starts and we always love to drive through. It's like stepping back in time with live animals and real shops, etc. It's simply amazing! I wish you all could see it. I hope that everyone that listens tonight will be in the Christmas spirit, if not maybe by the end of the show you will be! :) Merry Christmas everyone. See you all tonight in the chat room.

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Linda said...

I'm afraid I will be absent tonight as Amanda has concert band practice smack in the middle of the show and I can't very well make her walk to and from practice!

Have a good HO HO HO for me and enjoy yourself in the chat room!