Monday, November 05, 2007


It happens to me every year. Tyler and Brien's birthdays are both in August, as well as a nephew, mother in law, and father. August is a big month for my family. We barely recoup when September rolls around where my mother and sister celebrate birthdays merely days apart. There are a few other birthdays scattered out throughout the month. October slides by pretty easily, there is a mid-October birthday, and then Halloween.

November comes and I begin to panic. The Christmas decor begins to appear almost overnight in the retail stores screaming at you that you need to be spending money! But, wait...November is full of birthdays (mine included) and then there's Thanksgiving. It's time to pull out the pocket books, folks. We get to spend that hard earned money on meaningless gifts that in a year will be forgotten about anyhow.

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If you need gift ideas for my birthday just leave me a comment and I'll be happy to oblige. ;)

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