Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Getting Real, Confessions of a Discontent Mom - The Begining of a New Journey

To say that this summer has been busy for my family would be the understatement of the century.  July was the icing on a triple chocolate layered cake of full plate, scheduled to the max!

We had Summer musical for my daughter at the beginning of summer. She was an orphan in Annie Jr. at our local community theater. I couldn't have been more proud of her for her performance. It is a huge family commitment considering she had to be there at 8am beginning the very first day of summer break. For a home-school family, this is asking a lot! Both of my ballers made the All-Star teams. Emily played a softball tournament here in town, but for a month we practiced at least three times a week. Tyler played in a tournament locally and was also invited, along with his team to play in the Dixie Youth Baseball World Series in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He also practiced at least twice a week. Fortunately, most of his practices were at the same time as Emily. This kept us on the move frequently!

Also in July, we went to Siloam Springs with the kiddos to church camp.  Last week, after the 4 day trip to Hattiesburg for the World Series, we came home to Vacation Bible School for our church where Brien was the storyteller.  He brought the message each night for the kids.  I was the music leader.  I taught the kids dance moves to four songs over the five days. I had a twenty minute time slot for music. I had an unfortunate realization after that first night.
I am overweight.  I have, for a while now been reaching past my pants w/buttons to the ones with the elastic waist. I stayed away from the scales because what's a number anyway?!
After dancing around with the kids for less than twenty minutes, I felt terrible.  I was hot and sweaty, I felt nauseous, and could hardly breathe!  This was not me, I am trapped in someone else's body.  I would never let myself get this far!
I wish that were the case. It is me, my overweight, improperly nourished body was screaming at me!  It was the most physical activity that I had done in months. My ankle was bothering me where the screws are from the surgery. I could hardly walk on it the next day.  I pressed on, and by the end of the week, my whole body, even my knees were hurting!

My best friend was telling me about the great results she is getting from her newly purchased Fitbit. She has been walking, and has started feeling better because she is encouraged to walk more and be active to get in those daily steps. I was intrigued and did some research and decided to purchase one for myself.

Today I begin a new journey. I will set goals, I will smash them! I will take back control of my health and well being.  I've got lots of ball games and stage performances ahead of me. I can't continue on this road I am on. I am taking a longer route because I want to get those steps in!!!
I reached my goal yesterday and I am well on my way to making it there today!  :)

 I did not write this post for sympathy.  I realized that I needed to make changes, and I want to hold myself accountable.  By posting publicly, I will hold myself at a higher standard.  These "before" pictures are going to be different in a few months.  I will hold myself to it!!!  Phil 4:13 "I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength.

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