Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Valentine's Day Crafts

I promised photos of the Valentine's Day crafts we did at the house of craziness...but as usual, things were so crazy I have yet to post them!  I guess it's better late than never, though so here goes!

Shelby's box is a couple of posts down, but just in case you missed it I will post it here so they will all be in one spot for those of you who are exploring from other websites.

Zebra Print Valentine's Day Box with Pink Feather Boa Trim.
We got the idea of a "monster box" from Pintrest for Tyler (who is in Kindergarten). The blogger in this tutorial used yarn to cover the box. I knew that it would take me years to complete the task using yarn, so I opted for a much easier alternative, and since I had already covered Shelby's in fabric, I was a pro by this time! ;) We used some black faux fur fabric from our local fabric store to cover a shoe box with a removable lid. Keep in mind that you have to make these boxes where the children can retrieve their Valentine's Day cards after the party. There were many children in both classes who had to tear, rip, or otherwise disassemble their box in order to get to the goods!  The great thing about both boxes is that they will be reusable!  Shelby is actually housing hers in her room to hold her lip gloss, jewelry, and miscellaneous items. 
Tyler's Monster Box was a HIT!  He loved it and so did his classmates.
Since Little Emily is in daycare, she didn't make a box at home.  They made bags at school to carry home their Valentine's Day treats.  We made home made Valentines this year instead of opting for the pre-boxed kind we normally do.  The kids were allowed to browse the options from Pintrest that I knew were doable for our family (mainly me!!!) and this is what they chose:
Shelby chose a Pop Rock Valentine Treat.
Tyler chose superhero suckers.
Emily opted for Pixy Stix
Teacher Gift
 The photos were taken via my cell phone.  I had every intention of taking blog worthy photos of each item, but I was just lucky that I got them all completed on time.  What in the world was I thinking trying to tackle all of this!?!  All three of the kiddos took their teachers the chocolate roses in the bottom photo.  They were surrounded by Dove chocolate hearts and Hershey's Kisses and Hugs in a Valentine themed cup wrapped in one of those pink party gift bags tied with some of the ribbon used for Tyler's super hero capes for his suckers.  We made heart shaped gift tags on them so we'd know which teacher they belonged to.  It was a cute, inexpensive gift that we enjoyed making for each teacher. 

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