Monday, January 23, 2012

Leftover Makeovers - From Pork Roast to Pork BBQ

With three kids growing faster than weeds in a garden, the hubman and I, (well, mostly I) are constantly trying to come up with ways to be frugal, cut costs, and have a penny left at the end of the week.

Last Sunday we had Pork Roast for our lunch after church.  I LOVE to cook roasts, because they are so easy.  I throw them in the slow cooker and then it cooks and all I have to do is prepare a few sides when we get home from church.  Sundays are hectic for us and by the time we all get in from church, we're starved, so there's not a lot of time for preparation.

There was left overs from the roast.  This of course was planned.  I bought a rather large one.  So, I decided to make bbq pork sandwiches for Monday night's dinner.  It's easy and delish and of course a hit with the entire family! 

I started out with the left over pork roast.  

Shredded it up into bite sized pieces.

Added some Barbecue Sauce and a Can of Diet Soda.

Simmer on Low Heat until the hungry family arrives home for dinner. 

I served this Barbeque Pork on Hamburger Buns.  Some members of the family like cole slaw on theirs while others don't.  It's always optional around our house.  You can serve it with a side of fries, veggies, or chips and voila, you've got a quick, easy way to re-use your Pork Roast.  Note, you can use a Beef Roast, but we like the flavor of a pork roast better, and I don't think that it tastes as good when used for barbeque. 
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