Monday, January 30, 2012

From Clothes Hangers To Chip Clips

If you're like me, you've probably got lots of these store hangers around your home, 
the kind with the clips on the end for hanging pants.  
I got a wonderful idea from Pintrest on how to turn those old clothes hangers into something useful!  
 You start out by taking some wire cutters and snapping off the "clip" ends of the plastic hanger.  
Taking you from this:
to this:  
Chip Clips!!!  Inexpensive, multi-use, brilliant!!!

I ♥ Pintrest! 

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Kara said...

I saw that idea on Pinterest too and did that a few weeks ago with a bunch of hangers I had from Christmas. Unfortunately mine weren't the cheaper plastic ones so I couldn't just snap them apart, they were tougher and I had to saw them off, but now I have a ton of nice chip clips that I am using for everything. Pinterest is awesome :D

Crazy Working Mom said...

Kara, I had a pretty good pair of wire cutters. They came apart pretty easily with them. But, since I am married to a plumber, if I had to I am sure that he'd have a good pipe saw that would do the trick. ;)

Judy said...

I fell upon your blog and I am in love! I love this idea !!!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Thanks, Judy! We have accumulated several of them now and they are SO HANDY for way more than just chips. :D