Saturday, December 03, 2011

Ipad - Now My Life Is In Order!!

I posted about Shelby's birthday a few posts down, but I neglected to mention my own.  I know when you get to a certain age, birthdays aren't about numbers anymore.  Well, they aren't for me, anyhow.  Don't get me wrong I don't get hung up on numbers.  We all get older each year.  It's God's design and we can't change it, so why stress over it.  My philosophy is that each day is a gift from God and if one day he decides to stop giving it, then I get to be with him.  What could be more perfect?

This year, I had a fabulous birthday.  My family went above and beyond to make the day very special for me.  I enjoyed lunch at my favorite Japanese steakhouse.  I LOVE me some fried rice!!  I got tickets to see my very favorite country music band, Rascal Flatts.  I also got tickets to go see Breaking Dawn, the latest Twilight movie with my friend.  While I was gone to see the movie, the kids and hubby straightened the house so that when I came home, the house was tidy and they also made me home made cards.  It was truly a special day with my family.  It is one that I will not soon forget.

I also received from hubby and kiddos, an Ipad!  I was very excited as I have wanted one for a while.  I have been keeping a Mom agenda for a while now and I really love being able to keep up with all of our daily activities on paper.  With modern day technologies there is always a risk of not backing up your data properly and losing everything, but then again I suppose we have this same risk with paper.  It could easily be lost or destroyed.  I was excited to download the Mom Agenda App for Ipad until I read the reviews and decided that it might not be worth the trouble.  Instead I have put all of my info in the calendar of my Ipad and so far have found that it works well.  I love being able to put info into the Ipad and it automatically syncs with my Iphone.  Most of the time I carry my Ipad with me, but if there are instances where I might not have it readily available I usually have my phone on me and I can quickly search my calendar there!

So far some of my favorite Apps are The Loaded Bible, Words With Friends, Tap Tap Revenge, and of course Facebook.  Pintrest is a good one as well, although I prefer to do my pinning from the desktop where I can see multiple pins at one time.  I did buy a Kensington leather case with a keyboard for it also.  I went in to get an Otter Box, but found the leather case to be more appealing and the keyboard to be a plus! 

The kids have also taken a fancy to the Interactive books I have downloaded.  (see photo)  It is so fascinating to them that they can sit down in front of the Ipad and "watch" a book being read to them! 

If you have an Ipad, I'd love for you to share some of your favorite Apps and accessories with me.  I have downloaded a Grocery List App but have yet to use it at this point.  That is something I need to sit down and do...but I sure do hate making out grocery lists!  What do you love about your Ipad?

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