Monday, July 18, 2011

What Faith Can Do!

I am so very blessed. The Lord has surrounded my family with so many wonderful friends and family who are such great Christian influences. I thank him every day for the special people in my life. This past week, I was so touched to read an article by one of my dear friends who I consider my sister, April Odom. She and her family are so precious to us and they are one of those families that we believe God placed in our path in his time and we could not be more happy about this!

April has a beautiful daughter who is the same age, 8 and in the same grade as my Shelby. Kelsy is one of the sweetest kids I know and is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! I remembered getting a text asking us to pray for Kelsy's pony, Jack. Of course I stopped what I was doing and did just that because that's what a true prayer warrior does. I know that there are many folks that I can count on when I need prayers, so I always try to return the favor when I am asked. The outlook was grim for poor Jack and I know that this was a tough time for the Odom family as Jack was an integral part of their family. I don't want to take anything away from this story, so for all of you folks who don't live in Searcy, I have included the story here. If you haven't picked up this month's issue of Searcy Living I would encourage you to do so. I am so proud of our "hometown magazine" and really grateful that they share stories such as this in their magazine. It is such an inspiration to me each month to read the motivating stories, see the "out and about" photos, and I especially LOVE the make overs.

Thank you, April for being a friend sister to me. Thank you to Searcy Living for allowing this story to be told!!

The story begins on Page 38.

**The photo in this post and the text of the story are not mine. They are property of Searcy Living.**

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Anonymous said...

OOOOO Sis u just made my day!!! I love you and your family more than you will ever know!!! I would go great lengths for yuns.....your kids are so precious to us and if you would let me id just take them from you....hehehe!!! Im thankful as well for God placing you all in our lives!! The only thing im not to fond of is not getting to c you all over the summer lol!!!!!!!
Thank you sister for all the kind words about our family!! You are such an amazing woman of God full of wisdom and I always get so much encouragement from your posts!!!

Anonymous said...

sorry I forgot to post my not very good at this computer stuff.
April Odom