Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Kids say the darndest things

Emily might have eaten a smurf!
I am so very blessed. Even though there are times that my children (and even my husband) make me want to pull out my hair, I sure do love them and they can say things that make me chuckle, so I thought I'd share a couple from the weekend.

Emily is two. She is really a little mocking bird and I have come to realize that things that I say are a lot funnier coming from her; such as: "Don't give me attitude", "We don't say that", and "Be nice" are all too familiar mommy phrases but when you hear them coming from a two year old they are quite refreshing. On Sunday as we were getting ready for church she informed me that she wanted a cup of coffee. Obviously she was not about to get coffee, especially since she'd already asked for grape juice. She was not happy with my answer so she called me a "big dumb meanie". When I informed her that we do not call each other names she told me that she was "berry angwee". Translation - She was mad!

Tyler is 5 now and he feels very strongly about his faith.  He is growing closer to the Lord each and every day and it makes me so very proud!  I am very happy to say that he woke up Sunday morning and was glad to hear that it was a "church day".  He said he could not WAIT to go to "the Lord's house".  Even though he could not hug him, he felt that he could go to his house and be closer to him because going to someone's house means that you love them.  WOW!  Wise words from a 5 year old, right?!  So, have you "hugged" God lately?  
He wore himself out at church! 

Shelby living up the "only child" lifestyle! 
My oldest, 8 year old Shelby chose to stay home when her younger siblings went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for the night. We had plans to go see a movie. We saw Hop, a movie about EB the bunny whose destiny was to follow in his father's foot steps and become the Easter Bunny, however his dream was to become a drummer. He leaves Easter Island in pursuit of his dream. This movie was a great family movie and we really enjoyed it. Quite different than Rango, the last theater movie we saw there were no inappropriate scenes and most definitely no foul language. This made me very happy! Before the movie we had dinner at the local Japanese Steak House, Fuji. On Saturday, Shelby and I had some time to ourselves where she informed me that she "could totally dig being an only child".  We discussed it for a while and she did retract the statement.  Although it is fun to be able to do things by yourself and get to enjoy things that you might not otherwise, there are many greater rewards to being an older sibling.  So, she decided to count that as a blessing. 

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Moody mom said...

Love it! Bear comes up with some Crazy things sometimes and I run a "What did she Say" post pretty often.