Sunday, February 06, 2011

It's not the key that's dumb, it's the owner!!!

PhotobucketI have outed myself already on Facebook, so I thought I might as well come clean to my faithful blog followers as well. As previously mentioned I lost the keys to my van sometime Thursday night after we came in from a basketball game.  (GO CUBS!! Woot Woot!!)   If you're not up to speed, I'll give you a minute to jump down a post and read all about the fact that I got up Friday and could not find my keys so I couldn't get the kids to school on time.  When hubby brought the spare key to me, the van started but then immediately died.

Needless to say I chalked Friday up as a loss and it was a good thing because due to bad weather, school let out early anyhow.  Since it was snowing and sleeting, hubby never went out to see what was wrong with the van Friday night.  Fast forward to Saturday...we had a birthday party for my niece and I told hubby he needed to get out there and see if it would start for him.  He took the spare key out and unfortunately he was not able to get it to start.

PhotobucketSince we were obviously in a predicament and needed the car, he and my FIL stayed home and worked on it while my MIL and I took the kids to the birthday party.  When we got home, I informed him that someone at the birthday party said that the spare key might not work for the ignition, only the doors.  Since my van key opens the doors, back hatch, and has a lock and panic button we thought this might be the case.  So, the search was on (again!) for my keys.  I emptied out trash cans, checked coat pockets, and even went as far as to search the fridge.  They were nowhere to be found.  Fortunately, a second set of eyes, scoured my purse...the one which I had completely dumped out into the floor and searched through a day earlier!  Low and behold, that second set of eyes asked, "Are these your keys?!"

YES!!!  They WERE my keys.  They were in the side pocket of my purse.  I never even unzip this pocket, so I have no idea why my keys were there.  But, fortunately they were and I am so glad that my Mother-In-Law broke her cardinal rule and looked into another woman's purse.  ;)  Hubby took the key out to the van and guess what?!  It immediately started!!!

PhotobucketThere you have it...after several hours of trying to diagnose a problem that just wasn't there, hubby was very happy to realize that the spare key we had only unlocked the doors.  It will not drive you anywhere.  If you try to use it to drive, the anti-theft kicks in and doesn't let you go anywhere.  It kills the engine!!  So, what good is a key that will not work in the ignition?!  I have no idea, but the difference in the price versus one of the ones with all of the buttons (and secret micro-chip) is unbelievable!!

So, with this, I admit my stupidity and absent mindnedness...and I do this so that YOU can laugh at ME and you can say (to yourself of course because I am the only one dumb enough to admit it out loud!) this sounds like something I would do!

*slaps self on forehead!*

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moody mom said...

I think I take the cake on losing things.
I was looking all over for my cellphone one day when I had my husband call it to see where it was. Suddenly my bra started vibrating. That is a blog in itself and I will get to that one soon.