Sunday, January 09, 2011

Week One Wrapped Up

PhotobucketThe first full week of Twenty-Eleven has been great for me.  I managed to work out 4 days with EA Sports Active 2.  I really do love it, but it is surely a work out.  I have found that with this program's warm up and cool downs I am much less sore than I was when I worked out with the first EA Sports Active.  I enjoy being able to keep up with my heart rate with the heart rate monitor, although with my very last work out it stopped registering.  Hopefully it was just a minor glitch and will work fine next time.

Dieting with Weight Watchers new Points Plus has been a bit easier than I thought it would be.  Since fruits and (most) veggies are points free now it's harder for me to get all of my points in during the day, especially with my activity points added in.  I tried some new recipes and some old favorites.  Next week will be even more of a fun challenge!

Since Friday is my official weigh-in day, I thought I would go ahead and step on the scales to record any progress I might have had since Monday.  Boy was I ever glad I did!  They say that the scales don't lie, but I stepped back on and off for a couple more times just to be sure.  Low and behold I had shed 5 pounds in (less than) my first week!  What an awesome feeling that was to accomplish!!!

Needless to say the first week of my New Year, New Me program has been fabulous. 

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The British Homemaker said...

Well done!! It's so encouraging when we get off to a good start... :)

I was just going through my facebook wondering if you had either stopped going on there or deleted me...seems I don't get your updates anymore....must check settings cos you are one that i do want to get!!

Happy new year to you and yours... :)


Willy said...

Good Job,

10-4 Willy

Kathy said...

Keep up the good work and you'll be working out in front of your picture window before too long!!! ;-) giggle

Crazy Working Mom said...

Debs, I do facebook!!! MORE than I blog, actually so if you're not getting my updates then it was an accidental delete, I'm sure.

Thanks, Willy! Hope you're enjoying the snow. :)

Kathy, you crack me up. You'll never forget that will ya...and the Victoria Secret bra that gave me an extra 3" when you measured me! *LOL* Fun times!!! Thankfully I don't have a picture window. ;)

Moody Mom said...

Rub it in. I have not done a thing.

Crazy Working Mom said...

@Moody Mom: Sorry...GET TO WORK! ;)