Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I think Anita Renfroe has the right idea.  Instead of a "man" in the white house running things, it would be much more efficiently done with a "Mom-in-Chief", "First Mom", "Mominator".  Take a look at this video!  I think she's spot on.  I nominate Anita Renfroe to run the country!! 

"A Supreme Mom would make sure everything is DONE before playtime, send Congressmen back to their home states and not let them come back until it is fixed, and take note that just because there is more checks left in the check book doesn't mean there is more money in the account!!!" Gotta love Anita Renfroe!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the inspiration I was stressed by work but i learnt that life is about living to the fullest and enjoying every moment.Thanks a million