Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Age Doesn't Make You Forgetful, Does It?!?!

Should I be worried that I am 32 years old and I've lost my car twice this week in the Wal-Mart parking lot?!?! Seriously, I am not talking about just walking out and being in the wrong aisle only to realize that I was one aisle over. I am talking about walking around on the hot asphalt with the sun beaming down full force almost in tears using my key ring "clicker" to hear my van or see the flashing lights!!

Today it happened and I began by chuckling when a few folks laughed and asked, "Did you lose your car?". At first, I just laughed and remembered that I was on the phone with my sister when I pulled up and I must have just forgotten where I parked. I knew I had a fairly close spot, because I was excited about being by the door. I had to go to the restroom, so I kept thinking that I went in on the side where the restrooms were closest. Unfortunately, after about 15 minutes of endless, frantic searching I realized that it clearly wasn't the case!
Finally after searching every aisle on that side, I went to the other and there it was! I think that a light shone down from heaven with a big arrow pointing me to the van when I finally saw it! I could hear trumpets sound and all was well. Of course I was still hot, sticky, and completely embarrassed! I am serious when I say that I was almost in tears thing that someone had stolen my mini-van! Why on earth would someone want to steal a mini-van?! I have no idea, but surely a 32 year old mother of three would not just lose it, right?!?!

Earlier in the week I did the same thing.  Only I was on the right side, just wasn't walking down far enough.  Oh, and then there was a few weeks ago when the entire family (hubby drove) went to Wal-Mart and when we started out I reminded him that we were on the other side.  There's no sense in walking around in the heat anymore than we have to, so we walked out and there was NO van.  Finally hubby chimed in that we were on the other side.  I argued a bit that he was wrong and then decided to flatter him because by this time I think that I'd lost 10lbs in sweat.  When we found the van, he was beaming from ear to ear because he was right and I was wrong.  I couldn't be angry, because I was never so happy to see an air conditioned vehicle!

Now, this leads me to my concern.  I  mentioned that I am still fairly young.  Forgetting where I left my keys, shoes, purse, etc...that's one thing, but forgetting where I left my vehicle, I would place that in a slightly larger category of things that one should not misplace!!  Thankfully, all three kids are accounted for (I think!!) and I haven't lost one yet.  But, I'm not making any promises with this mind of mine.  It is CrAzY ya know!!!  In the meantime I'm contacting "The Hoff" to inquire purchasing KIT, the talking car so when I am ready to go he can meet me at the door!  ;)

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Jamie said...

I so relate - I've done this more than once! I agree with the cartoon that started your post - we just all have too much in our heads!!

Crazy Working Mom said...

...and being on the phone when you pull in is never a good idea. 'Cause I totally thought I was on that side!!!

...and the kicker is that I forgot something so I'm going to have to go back this afternoon!!!!

Becca said...

When I lived in a neighborhood with street parking I would forget where my car was all the time and would have to walk blocks and blocks to find it. Note I was younger then than either of us are now!!

Last night I dreamed I couldn't find my car and finally realized it was stolen (with Annabelle in it). I guess I should call that a nightmare!

Linda said...

Just as a suggestion - if you can remember to do it! - if your cell phone has a notes function send, type in where you left the car and that way if you walk out and it's not there you don't have to search high and low for it!

I've found that lately I seem to have to write notes for myself for a lot of stuff but I'm 20 years older than you so I guess I'm more likely to be feeble-minded than you. Then again, if your head is filled up with stuff, too, sometimes there's just no room to put anything else - like where you left the car and what you even went into the store to get in the first place!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Trouble with that, Linda is that I was talking ON my phone when I went in, thus the brain fart (that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!).

But, it is a good idea. Maybe next time I'll take a picture of the aisle sign and post it to Facebook so that I won't forget and if I do I can ask someone! *LOL*