Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just How Old is Old?!

Emily Grace being herself - SILLY!
Next week my little Emily will turn 2! Can you believe it?! It seems like just yesterday I was shocked to discover that we were having baby number three!! She has been such a joy to our lives and I didn't realize how incomplete our family was without her. The kids and I were talking this morning about Emily's birthday. Tyler just turned 5. Nine days after his 5th birthday, Brien had a birthday. He kept asking when his daddy's party was going to be. Tyler's birthday was on a Monday so he had a birthday party the following Saturday. I explained to him that when you get older you don't really have birthday parties.

When we were talking about Emily's birthday this morning and Tyler again asked when Daddy's party was going to be.

PhotobucketShelby replied: "Daddy doesn't have a party 'cause he's older."

Tyler: "Daddy is not old, Memaw and Papaw are old. Daddy is just BIG, not little like us, but he's not old like Memaw and Papaw!"

Shelby: "I just mean that when you're not a little kid, then you don't get that many presents or a cake. That means you're old."

You don't have to disclose your age. You may be old (32) like me or even older (33) like my husband. But, what do you think makes you old...or young!

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mariana said...

I think old is more of a mental thing. You still have little ones. I have a 17yr, 11yr, 9yr and 18mos old. Yes the 18 month old was a total blessing. What is funny is when your 9yr old ask, Mommy when can I have a boyfriend?" My response, "When I have gray hair and old!" My 11yr says, "Don't worry it won't be that much longer." I'm only 36 yrs. old and I definatley don't feel old. But in the mind of our children we just are. LOL

And Miles To Go... said...

I still remember the day when you announced your new pregnancy with Emily. She's grown SO much!

Crazy Working Mom said...

I agree. In our children's minds we're always ancient! :)

It seems so long ago to me now...such a blessing she's been!!

bettyl said...

I have the kids convinced that I am 'older than dirt'. I think it's all in your head how old you act. and I really don't care what that number called 'my age' is.

Desert Songbird said...

My 14yo has declared that I'm not old (at age 48); she said, "Mom, you're not old - you're still cool!"