Monday, July 05, 2010

Sleepy Emily

PhotobucketPardon the quality of this photo, as it was taken very quickly with my Iphone last week when I woke up and realized that my youngest daughter (who is 19 months) had comfortably placed herself beside my bed and fallen asleep early in the morning! I posted this photo on my facebook page but forgot to post it here.   I think I was still half asleep, as this was pre-coffee and I didn't even think to grab my camera!

Little Emily woke up and brought her "blankie and cuppie" beside my bed and fell back to sleep.  I woke up when she came into the room.  She stood there quietly, and I must have drifted back to sleep.  I guess she was content with making herself a little pallet in the floor beside the bed.  She slept long enough for me to enjoy a couple of cups of coffee and a good Beth Moore Bible Study.

I love this little girl and it's moments like this that I cherish and gladly blog about because there are going to be days when I wish I could get them back!  For now, I enjoy them and share them with you!

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Akelamalu said...

I love it that children can just make themselves comfortable and fall asleep anywhere. Emily is adorable. x

Sandee said...

Awww...that's adorable. :)

Anonymous said...

She missed you... too cute!

Redruby said...

wow like the way she me! have a great weekend ahead!