Monday, July 19, 2010

Humor in Prayer

Our family always prays before we eat. The kids love to "bless" the food. Sometimes we get a simple prayer, sometimes it's more complex. Sometimes we even get more than one prayer each meal, depending on which child wants to be in the spotlight.

Last night, Tyler said the prayer and we began to eat. Emily decided that she wanted to voice a prayer as well, so we stopped eating and held hands once again and she smiled but did not speak. So, I prompted her, "God is good, God is great..." she smiled and repeated. I continued, "Let us thank him for our food."

I was swiftly corrected by my four year old son, Tyler who informed me that I was NOT saying it right...


"It's LETTUCE thank him for our food, Mom!!!"

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Anonymous said...

pass the salad dressing, please!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! That Lil' Tyler is a mess!!

Anonymous said...
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