Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How's This For Irony

Hello, my name is Tisha and I'm married to a plumber. This makes me "the plumber's wife". Just as any other profession when you're married to a plumber, most of the plumbing in your own home is sub-par because let's face it after he's been out fixing other people's plumbing problems who wants to bother with their own? Once upon a time when we were newly married, before he owned his own company, I called Brien's boss and had him to send a service repair plumber out to my house to fix a leak. Oh, the joy when hubby arrived to his own home for a service call! :)
Well, this morning, I had one of those "I've gotta blog about this" kind of moments, because let's face it as a working mother of three I get excited about the silliest things. My husband, the plumber...we'll call him "Brien" because, well that's his name...had been in the restroom for quite some time. After his departure of said restroom, I went in and noticed that the toilet was stopped up.

Now most women would have ran screaming from the room, but I am not that kind of woman. All I could do is laugh as I grabbed the plunger knowing my husband, Brien "the plumber" was on his way out the door to unstop other people's toilets but here I was at home unstopping ours! Oh, the irony of it all!

So, instead of getting angry with Brien for using 10 feet of toilet paper, I decided to write this sincere post with the added commentary to BP. If Charmin ultra soft can stop up a toilet, why aren't we trying it to plug the hole of gushing oil in the ocean?! Just a thought.

Good day!

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And Miles To Go... said...

tee hee. My 15 year old son stops the toilet up at least once every two weeks--blah. Have a wonderful Tuesday, Tisha.

Akelamalu said...

My eldest son is an electrician and guess who's household electrics are a mess????

Sara Cart said...

Too funny. My meat cutter husband is the same way. He'll cut whatever you want at the store, but ask him to cub up a chicken breast and it's like I'm asking him to move the moon.
I bet the "Mega Roll" could fix that issue. Just shove it in!

desert songbird said...

Yup, my husband the software engineer....can't figure out what's wrong with the software on my laptop. Go figure.

Good idea for the oil plug, BTW. Worth considering. ;P

Kristie said...

That is so funny! I too find it interesting the things that my husband can accomplish at work, but be clueless about at home.