Thursday, June 24, 2010

We need your help!

Tom and Melinda Hart lost everything in a house fire yesterday. They had a pregnant daughter and 4 grandchildren living with them who lost everything as well. Please add them to your prayers and if you have anything that might fit their needs, please feel free to contact me via comments, Facebook, etc. I will come pick it up if need be.

Bella - 2 years old - size 18-42mo shoes: 2
Dominique - 5 years old - size 6-7 shoes: 13
Alexia - 8 years old - size 8-10 shoes: 2
Thalia - 9 years old 6-10 (women's) shoes: 6.5 (women's)

Tom: 32x34 pants 9.5 shoe
Melinda : 14-16 pants 6.5 - 7.5 shoes (she works in for a law firm, so she needs some professional clothes if anyone has any that they are willing to donate)! The daughter (I did not get her name) needs XL maternity clothes. She is pregnant with a baby boy.

If you can donate ANYTHING to this family, please let me know. They also need appliances, twin sized beds, bedding, etc.

I was told that the little girls love to read and were upset because they lost all of their chapter books, etc. They lost all of their toys, books, etc. So sad...

Please add this family to your prayers and to your prayer requests at your church. There were only a few things salvaged from the fire, one of them were bibles which were left unharmed! That is how powerful our Lord is!!

I am going to pick up a fridge, stove, washer, and dryer tomorrow for the family, so their appliance needs have been met. If you have any small kitchen items: toaster, microwave, coffee pot, etc. Those are still needed.

Thanks to everyone who has committed to help this family! What a blessing each and every one of you are.

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Petula said...

Love the picture and how the reflection is captured in the pool.

Sorry to hear about the family. Where do they live?