Thursday, June 03, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday

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fredamans said...

I won't be able to add my link when time, can you add for me please. I will be traveling. Thank you.

Beautiful stormy sky!

Ladynred said...

That is beautiful picture!

Mo said...

Wow, that sky sure is ominous!
Hope y'all are okay!

I have a picture posted for LATSOF today - I've changed my blog title from "It's A Blog Eat Blog World" to "The Mo Files"

Hope you and your lovely family have a great weekend!

Eyad said...

wow look at these clouds !!
hope you have great day
oh by the way there is a message for you on my post you should read :)
Eyad Allhainey Photography
have great weekend :D

Eyad said...
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Eyad said...
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Anna said...

Those are some dark clouds.

Patti said...

Wow you captured some ominous-looking clouds, Tisha. Looks like debris flying around?

Have a great weekend!

Rubz said...

have a wonderful weekend! gray sky but still beautiful!

bettyl said...

I just found your meme and I'm changing from 'the other one'. I don't think it matters what else is on your blog, unless it's rated X!