Saturday, May 08, 2010

Tyler's Happy Mother's Day

My 4 year old son, Tyler is in pre-school.  Every year they do a mad-lib style mother's day sheet with the kids.  It's always so fun to see what answers the kids come up with!  When Shelby was in pre-school (in 2007) she had THIS to say about me.  Tyler's answers not only made me laugh, but the teachers got a kick out of this one as well.

Happy Mother's Day:

My Mom is   40  years old.  (For the record, I'm only 32.)

She has black hair and green, blue, and white eyes.  (ummm...brown hair, and my eyes are hazel, so I guess he's partially right.)

My Mom loves to relax by sitting in the chair to drink . (sweet tea of course.)

TylerHer favorite chore is cleaning the house . (I think this is a trick question. Is there a such thing as a "favorite chore"!?)

She loves to cook chicken legs and rice . (We do eat a lot of chicken 'round here.)

Her favorite TV show is American Idol . (I like AI, but it's not my favorite...not this year anyhow!)

When my Mom shops she loves to buy Rice . (Yes, I do like rice!)

If she could go on a trip she would to go Harps or Sonic , and she would take a drink and purse with her. (See a theme here?! Drinks and rice!)

Mommy always tells me to go to my bedroom . (The kid's not lying!)

I love it when she lets me play outside . (He just cracks me up. Not I love it when my mommy hugs me, or when she kisses me, when she lets me play outside! Gotta love his honesty!)

Happy Mother's Day, Moms!!!

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Kathy said...


OF COURSE sweet tea!

Mo said...

"loves to relax by sitting in the chair to drink" made me LOL

Great post!
Hope you have a great weekend, and a lovely Mother's Day, my friend!

Dayngr | Dayngrous Discourse said...

These are the things we'll remember most!

Desert Songbird said...

I remember my son doing this when he was in preschool. I had to laugh at some of his answers, too, but I was really glad that he knew what my favorite thing to watch on television was: football! That boy was a genius even at 4 years of age!!