Friday, April 30, 2010

Who is June Clever?!

We are starting to see more fresh veggies and fruits available here in central Arkansas. For that, I am so happy! The other night, I decided to treat the kids for eating all of their dinner and making "happy plates". I got out a set of glass bowls and made them some sweet treats with fresh strawberries including some whipped cream and chocolate syrup, a very healthy snack indeed. ;)

Call Me June CleverWe have (faux) wood floors in the dining area and kitchen. I don't know why I thought glass bowls for a 7, 4, and 19 month old were a smart idea. I have a set of matching plastic dessert dishes that would have worked just as well. But, it was all about presentation. Needless to say, my set was reduced by two by the time dinner came to an end. I found myself in quite a situation where I needed to sweep up two separate broken glass incidents and the only pair of shoes I could find nearby were my favorite new high heels.  I found it extremely hard to explain to my husband as he walked by why I was sweeping the kitchen in a pair of high heels.  So, I just said..."Hi honey, call me June Clever."  to which he responded, "Who?"  This was proceeded by a lengthy discussion over 1950s television Moms and how times are so much different today.

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Maggie said...

He didn't know who June Clever was? I'm surprised. I thought everyone watched the Bev on reruns.

Patois said...

I think he was just pulling an Eddie Haskell.

richies said...

I don't think June could compete with a Mom from today. Did you ever see her working on the show?

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Anonymous said...

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