Sunday, April 04, 2010

Hoppy Easter!!

Shelby, Emily, & Tyler cheesing it up for the camera!

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Easter! This morning, I attended my very first sunrise service. We were all rushing around trying to get ready and in the rush I ran off and forgot my camera but the sun rising in the horizon behind the three crosses was not only a beautiful sight to behold but very powerful and uplifting! I took this photo with my cell phone and it does NO justice to the beauty of the morning.

The crosses after sunrise service.

After the sunrise service (which took place in a church member's beautiful front yard) we went back to the church where the men of the congregation had prepared a breakfast fit for a king with home made biscuits, three different kinds of gravy (chocolate, bacon, and sausage), eggs, hash browns, bacon, and sausage!  We stuffed ourselves and had some awesome fellowship followed by Sunday school and a presentation by several members of the church that was very powerful.  It was the portrayal of Jesus' crucifixion as told by "The Thief", the man mentioned in the Bible who in his final moments accepted Christ as his savior and was most definitely taken to paradise with Jesus.  The other thief who denied Christ was then seen being ushered to Hell and was begging for just ONE moment with Jesus to repent.  I certainly felt the power of the holy spirit moving through the service!  It was beautiful!  I hope that if anyone stumbles upon this post and you've not accepted Jesus into YOUR heart, you won't be begging for one more moment with Jesus to repent. 
Easter Emily
Emily and two baby chicks.
We celebrated our "Easter" yesterday with the family and friends.  We had ham and all of the fixin's (scalloped potatoes, green beans, corn, salad, and rolls).  My mother-in-law brought several desserts.  The kiddos got to hunt Easter Eggs and all was well.  My brother-in-law pulled one of his famous moves and brought over baby chicks for all of the kids.  Remember a couple of years back when he brought them all ducks?!  It has been voted on unanimously that he is uninvited to next year's celebration!  (Just kidding, Eddie!)  We've had a beautiful weekend filled with fun, family, and fellowship!  What more could a girl ask for?  I can only hope that the yummy food that I have indulged in over the weekend will be merciful on me when weigh in comes around next week! 
Shelby, Emily, & Tyler

So, how was YOUR Easter weekend?

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Becca said...

Sounds so perfect - I love the Easter outfits too. :) I had a nice time at church and good times with friends too. And cleaning tonight which was really refreshing!

Patois said...

What a blessed weekend. Happy Easter!

Barb said...

Sounds like you had the perfect Easter Sunday!

My mother use to dress all 8 of us up for Easter Sunday. The boys had sportcoasts, ties and hats, and the girls had dresses, hats, patten leather shoes, gloves and pocketbooks! Too cute!

Shutterbug8162 said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. I like the idea of the service outside and the big breakfast. Church should be more than just show up and go home! Very nice!

fredamans said...

Happy Easter Monday! Beautiful pics!

richies said...

Looks like you had a great Easter!

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