Tuesday, April 06, 2010

April is National Garage Organization Month

We no longer have a garage due to the fact that we had a third child and needed an extra bedroom.  We do, however have a shop detached from the house.  This is similar to a garage, and we are in desperate need of some organization there!  If you are in need or organization as well, I have a few tips for you courtesy of Gladiator. To encourage consumers to clean the garage this spring, Gladiator brand will be offering 15% off all products and 10% off all appliances on GladiatorGW.com starting April 1.

Roll up the hose: Come spring, you'll find yourself using the hose again to water the lawn or wash your car. Instead of cramming the hose in the corner of your garage, invest in a piece of Gear Track and a Deep Hook that will secure the hose to the wall for easy access and storage.


Hang the bike: If the warmer weather has you exploring the neighborhood on two wheels, getting to the bike and storing it in the garage can cause all sorts of headaches. Try the Gladiator Claw Advanced Bike Storage which lets you store your bike by its rear tire, clearing up valuable floor space. The intuitive push-lock mechanism allows you to hang or release the bike in one motion.

Keep the sporting goods tidy:
If spring time means play time in your family, you might suffer from soccer balls, footballs and basketballs rolling around the garage floor. This can be unsightly and also dangerous as you can trip on a loose ball. Help keep things in place with the Gladiator Ball Caddy which mounts to the wall and has openings along the front so you don't have to dig deep to retrieve what you need.

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SUPERCOAT guy said...

Nice blog post!

One thing you overlooked, though, is the FLOOR! Make it easier to clean, keep it from staining, and best of all... Make it look GREAT by putting a high-quality epoxy coating on it.

If you can paint a wall, you can coat your floor with professional results.


Scott Jarvis said...

I love the Gladiator product line and they keep adding to it. The new tool boxes are a great addition. Let's take advantage of the 15% off sale and tell our friends.

richies said...

Those pictures are embarrassing. I wish my garage looked like that. We drive a Mini Cooper, because that's all we can fit in the garage

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