Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do Eyelashes Grow Back????

I really do think I should write a book on all of the freakishly weird things that happen to me.  Seriously, I mean I could WRITE A BOOK because they happen so often.  This morning one of those instances occurred. 

I was in my bathroom putting on my make up.  Apparently Emily decided she wanted to play in the bottom drawer of the vanity.  The contents must have either a.) not kept her attention very long and she moved on or b.) she found something inside she knew she couldn't have so she went to hide.  Either way, she left with the bottom drawer open only inches from my feet.

I have very short, thin eyelashes.  I faithfully use an eyelash curler.  For those of you reading who might not know this contraption, it's a metal "thingie" that you clamp down on your eyelashes and hold for 30 seconds or so and viola, you have beautifully curled MOST cases.  Or you can end up with NO eyelashes at all, which is exactly what happened to me this morning.

Remember the drawer that I told you Emily had left pulled out at my feet?  Well, since my wonderful husband (oozing with sarcasm) was still in bed and I had already asked him fifteen hundred twenty three times to get up I decided that while I had thirty seconds to kill, I would turn around and yell in the bedroom at him to get his butt outta bed.  When I turned to do just that, I hit my shin on the drawer causing me to topple like the giant out of the vine on Jack and The Beanstalk.  The trouble with this scenerio is that the eyelash curler was still attached to my hand on one end and eyelashes on the other.  So, when I started to fall my hand instinctively reached for the nearby door...forgetting to first release the eyelash curler!

In other words, I have beautifully curled eyelashes on my right eye and only a few stubs on my left and a beautifully purple bruise on my shin.  The good news is that my husband did get out of bed...only to tell me that I look better without "all of that stuff caked up on there anyway."  So, my question is, do eyelashes grow back or should I invest in some implants?  Maybe I'll just apply for my social security disability and stay at home until I no longer look like a freak of nature!

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Dayngr said...

They do grow back. You know, remember all the times you found one and made a wish with a friend? Don't worry!

What I wanna know is how to get them to stop pointing down. If this is one of those getting old things, I hate it. I used to have the most beautiful long, upward sweeping eyelashes and now - for some odd reason - they point down. UGH!

Latisse anyone?

Anonymous said...


Amanda said...

O ouchy poo!! That hurts me!!! We must be kindred spirits, Tisha because I swear that is exactly something that would happen to me! For now, invest in a set of fake eyelashes...Sally's or Walmart will have them. My sis wears them ALL the time!

Crazy Working Mom said...

The most ironic thing about this story is that I had bought a pair to wear on the television spot I did last week but opted against it. I tried them on and they just weren't comfortable. I couldn't get them on straight, etc. So, I threw them away. *LOL*
Guess I'll go grab another pair this afternoon.


Akelamalu said...

I use eyelash curlers too and have lost count of the number of times I've forgotten to release them before dragging them away! Ouch!
PS I think eyelashes do grow back.

Barb said...

One of the perks of bad vision is that I have not been able to wear eye makeup for over 30 years because even with a magnifying morroe, I can't see well enough to put it on. I only use moisturizer and bare minerals now. Fast and easy and nearly natural. That suits me to a tee. aka plain Jane!

Barb said...

OK... I need to proof before I publish a comment... that should read MIRROR up there - not morroe. D'oh!

Kathy said...

Trying not to laugh at your eyelash demise, ahhmm,

The answer to your question is Yes, eyelashes do grow back. Once I opened a grill and the flame shot out and burned all the hair around my face, my eyebrows and eyelashes. Everything returned.

I thought this would be a better story to tell than the one where I used an eyelash curler for the first time in HIGH SCHOOL and cut mine off. I wouldn't want you to laugh. It was traumatic enough ;-)

Sandee said...

Pulling out eyelashes or plucking them means that the eyelashes that were in the active growth or transitional phases will not be equipped to start new growth as quickly as one that was lost naturally at the end of its resting stage. But, no matter what phase the eyelash is lost in, it will eventually grow back. It can take weeks or months before you have a new eyelash, depending on when it was lost.

Source: Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

Marilyn said...

When I was a kid I had the prettiest eyelashes and, being raised by my dad, very little adult supervision. So, knowing that hairspray is flammable, I wanted to know if the hair mouse stuff was too. It is and I also found out that eyelashes grow back. There's nothing like direct experimental evidence.

Kim said...

Oh my goodness! I do have to admit to you that I was chuckling along while reading this. It's the mental picture that was going on in my mind as it could so easily happen to any one of us.

Yes, they grow back. When I was a teenager I went crazy one day and plucked more than my fair share of eyelashes because I was mad at them. Don't ask. They grew back and I was none the worse for it. :)

Hope you day is better by now.

The Misplaced Midwesterner

Twisted Cinderella said...

As you have read from the others, don't worry, they will grow back. Is it bad that the mental image I had of you falling made me laugh out loud?

maryt/theteach said...

OMG, Tisha! I don't know if they grow back... In hope they do or you'll have to yank out the other eyelashes... Ouch! What a story, I read the whole thing! :)

Becca said...

I was hoping for a picture. ;) OUCH!