Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Has Tyler Met His Match?!

This is my 4 year old son, Tyler and my cousin's little girl, Mairead. My cousin, Kevin and I are only a year apart (I think) in age. He's younger than I. When we were kids we fought like cats and dogs. I'm not talking about fighting like calling one another names. I'm talking knock down drag out fights! Yup, that was us. Our Moms would literally have to pull us apart. When I spotted our children giving one another the stare down, I could do nothing but laugh because all of the memories of my childhood came flooding back to me. Of course when Tyler realized he was spotted, he quickly backed down and informed the onlookers that she was in his face and that he did not hit her. He is not allowed under any circumstance to hit a girl.  This is most definitely the "Uh-oh, I've been caught face."
After the commotion died down, they decided to give one another the stare down from a distance. 
I'm thinking that Tyler might have met his match with this one. 
What do you think?

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Sandee said...

History may very well be repeating itself. That's the feeling I have at this point. I'm sure we will hear about these two again. I'm very sure.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

Shana said...

Yes it looks like he has met his match!

barb said...

Mairead is really great with her grimacing look! I'd be askeered of her!

I am from a very large family and was fortunate enough to grow up close to my cousins. Even after all these many years, we still enjoy getting together. And Facebook really helps keep us up to date on all the growings and goings on!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Sandee: I think you might be right! *LOL*

Shana: It was just so funny watching the two of them interact.

Barb: My cousin Kevin and I were together all of the time, especially in the summers. We were raised sort of like brother and sister. We fought a lot but also had a lot of fun and are get along quite well now.

Linda said...

Looks to me it's "like mother, like son" in this scenario! Poor Tyler may be wishing you could bend that rule about not hitting girls at some point!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Linda: Unfortunately you're right, I think. Up until now he's been mostly like his Daddy, but this was definitely a "mini-me" occasion! *LOL*

Patti said...

Quite a stare-down there. History may be repeating itself in your family.

At least you know what to expect.