Saturday, February 20, 2010

Conversations with Tyler

I have come to the conclusion that my 4 year old son will most likely be a writer or movie director when he grows up.  He very well might be the next James Cameron. Some day I'll be a kept "mommy" when my son is rich and famous. I'll be looking up Outer Banks vacation rental while sipping something fruity!  He is only 4 years old and he has such a vivid imagination and an explanation for everything!  In a single day, we have so many funny conversations but most of the time I forget them before I ever get here with them.  I made a mental note of this one so I could share it here.

On our way home from pre-school...

Tyler:  Mommy, (insert friend's name here)'s Mommy is sick.

Me:  Oh, she is?!  On no!  What's wrong with her.

Tyler:  She has T4C...or maybe it's T4B.  I can't remember.

Me:  Really, is that bad?  Which is worse, T4C or T4B?

Tyler:  Well, T4C is VERY bad, Mom.  They have to cut off both of your legs if you have it.  But, T4B is not.  You only have to take medicine for it.  I think it's just like a bad cough.

Me:  I hope she only has T4B, then!

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Mo said...

T4B and T4C don't sound any crazier than most medical jargon on tv = perhaps he's going to be the next McDreamy!

Patois said...

I hope T4A is the worst I ever get.

Camp Stanhope Happenings said...

I'm glad you're keeping track of some of those fun conversations! Somebody suggested I 'journal' when my kids were little--(20 years ago), but I didn't.

barb said...

I have NO idea which icky sicky he's refering to, do you? bwahahahaha!

Kristin said...

Me too!

Heart of Rachel said...

Amusing how kids come up with such terms. :)