Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas: The Aftermath

Did everyone have a great Christmas?!  I'm sure you're family is just like mine...still removing twist ties and cardboard from mounds of toys while sporting your snuggi!  We've had record rain here in Arkansas.  80+ inches this year have given us record totals.  It's been a bit much.  On Christmas Eve, it rained all day and had rained most of the day previous and all night.  Unfortunately this left much of the state water logged and even flooded.  We have celebrated Christmas Eve at my mom's house every since I can remember us all having families of our own.  This year, the weather postponed our celebration.  Brien, the kids, and I spent Christmas Eve at home watching movies.  We traditionally open one gift on Christmas Eve.  This is always the new PJs.  This year they got a snuggi so I let them open the snuggi also.  After gifts were opened, milk and cookies were left for Santa and reindeer food was sprinkled on the lawn as well as some carrots with Santa's milk and cookies.  Yep, we cover all bases here at the CWM household!  We tracked Santa via Norad and once he reached the US, the kiddos were easily convinced that they should retreat to their beds so that he didn't have to pass us over. We also used one of those call center services and listened to a pre-recorded message from Santa and his elves. Tyler was convinced that he saw "a white beard and a red nose" out his window when I gave him his night-night lovies.

On Christmas morning, we actually slept in until 7!  That must have been some kind of record for us.  Needless to say when the kids entered the living room, their eyes light up brighter than the Christmas tree (which I realized was not turned on when I looked back through the photos)!  We all had a lovely time opening gifts.  My in-laws had spent the night with us, as they have done the past few years which works out great, because my mother-in-law takes photos for me, so I get to enjoy the gift opening as well as appear in the photos (although I'm not too sure about that second part!).  Below are a few of the highlights of Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning.  You can click the photo to make it larger. 

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Gena @ thinking aloud said...

Ah, the joy of christmas with kiddies!! Lovely post, Gena

Mo said...

love the collage!
glad your family had a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blogs...it is almost as if I were right there while reading it. Love yall~Tina