Tuesday, December 15, 2009

1st Grade Performance

Last week we were treated with the stylings of Shelby and the rest of the 1st graders at her school in their Christmas program. We had a wonderful time and the kids all did a wonderful job. They all looked so nice. The girls and boys were all gussied up in their red and green with big ole smiles on their faces as they did 'The Blitzen Boogie', 'Nice Nice Christmas' and more. I think I might've even saw a couple of tuxedos! They played bells and air guitars. Where else can you get this kind of quality entertainment?! Move over, Trans Siberian Orchestra!

We also took the kids to see Santa last week. I was perplexed because I was wondering how you get a picture taken with three kids and Santa. He only has two legs! We improvised and put Shelby in the middle, although in hind sight we realized that we should have put Tyler there. Shelby was a bit too tall and had to squat down in order to keep from blocking Santa's face. Tyler was very nervous as he explained to Santa how good he'd been. Santa explained to them how many days remained until he visits so they need to be on their best behavior. Tyler asked for a Bumblebee Transformer and Shelby asked for a Bunny rabbit, one stuffed animal and one real one. Emily just cried. She was very scared, but she warmed up to Santa after a minute or two. We had several different shots to choose from, but this one was my favorite (pardon the quality, I hadn't scanned it. I've only got a shot on my phone):I loved the exchange between Emily and Santa. It was priceless! You can tell how nervous Tyler was as he was wringing his hands in his shirt tail. Shelby was just uncomfortable and ready to stand up. *LOL*

Merry Christmas to all!!!

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Lori said...

Shelby looks so pretty!!! I love her hair. I love the Santa picture. Kaitlyn had a Christmas concert last week but my camera would not get good pictures. It was in the gym due to space and I was too far away from her. :(

Shutterbug8162 said...

Wow! That is one authentic looking Santa! I'd love a picture with him. I esp. love his exchange with Emily. Priceless!!!

Linda said...

What a cute picture but you're right, Tyler looks really, really nervous! The poor kid! As for Emily - just too, too cute!

Shelby looks great in her school chorus picture and it sure sounds like a wonderful time. I miss those sorts of things now that the kids are all grown up and with Amanda no longer in concert band, I don't even get the fun of going to that anymore!