Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Busy (Sick) But Fun Week!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, folks. My week in a nutshell:


A.M. : Stayed home with Emily took her to the doctor (our doctor was all booked up) so we had to see a partner. Office was packed when we got there. Waited only an hour to see him. Diagnosis: DOUBLE ear infection. Very fussy baby girl all weekend and most of this week.

Afternoon: Fair parade. Tyler rode a horse with his grandpa and threw candy.
When we got ready to leave there we were headed to the fair when Shelby informed me that she felt like she was going to be sick to her stomach. She didn't want to go to the fair. I knew this child must be really ill if she didn't want to go to the fair, so we went home. Lucky for us because as she exited the van, her lunch exited her body. We came in and she spent the remainder of the evening curled up on the couch.

Tuesday: 1:30AM, I had the same visitor that Shelby had Monday afternoon...two fold, both ends!!! I was miserable. I spent the majority of Tuesday morning in the bathroom as my family slept peacefully in their beds. Brien was awakened by Emily around 3:30. I couldn't hold her because I was running back and forth and this did not please her. He got up with her and stayed up with her until he had to be at work at 7. What a man! Thankfully my father in law took over duties from there. He took the younger two while Shelby and I stayed in for the day, hopefully containing our illness to ourselves.

Wednesday was of course a day of catch up for me at the office on billing, payroll, and searching for health and life insurance online since I'd been out all week. I was super busy there and due to the fact that I had been trying to nurse Emily to health all weekend and most of the week, my house look like a tornado had blown through it.

Thursday was an impromptu visit to the County Fair! It was the only night this week that it hadn't been raining or some member of our family wasn't projecting bodily fluids out of one or more orifices. We had an amazing time and of course I took wayyyyyy too many photos as usual.

Emily had her first Turkey leg and funnel cake:

Shelby milked a cow:

Tyler spotted his dream car!
(of course since it's yellow, it's Bumblebee - the Transformer)Of course they played games, had some wonderful fair food, pet the animals in the livestock barn, watched some bull riding and much much more. We will be going back on Saturday (pray for no rain!!!) to ride the rides during arm band day and watch the family favorite - Demolition Derby. Overall it's been a busy week. I will be uploading more pictures later on, but for now I am too pooped. I'm headed to bed. See you all tomorrow for Looking at the Sky on Friday!

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katherine. said...

at least you and your kids know how to share....

The fair looks way fun...but I don't think I ever noted any of my kids' "first turkey leg"


Tanika said...

Little Emily my kind of girl, knows how to eat. And Shelby, gotta love a hard worker; and she's cute doing it. And your little man Tyler, the boy has good taste. Gotta love the babies. Beautiful family!