Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Your New American Idol

Congrats, to Conway's own Kris Allen on being
crowned this season's American Idol.

38 MILLION votes came from Arkansas.
We you and we're so proud.

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Callie Ann said...

Yes, I am so glad kris won.. yeah... I did not want Adam to win.. I can't help it... Adam to me seems to be a cross between Jim Nabors and Elvis (the looks)...I think he will go way weird and be the next marilyn manson.. :) Ha!!!! that was wicked mean, wasn't it.

Travis said...

I knew you would be pleased!

Linda said...

Amanda and I had a discussion about this last night and as I told her, I was not at all surprised that Kris won as he is the personification of the type of guy who wins "American Idol". Never once has anyone "different" won the competition and probably never will. There has never been a rocker who has won but that doesn't worry me as far as Adam's future goes because he's guaranteed a very successful one based on his talent and abilities no matter what people like Callie Ann think! After all, Marilyn Manson was successful in his own way, too!

All that said, I was happy to see Kris win, though, as he fought a good battle and he does have a great voice. If someone had to beat Adam, I'm glad it was him but if I had to put money on it, I'd say that Adam is going to end up being bigger than Kris in the long run. As I said on Facebook, this may be that whole Clay Aiken/Ruben Studdard thing all over again ... and now that I think about it ... what ever happened to Taylor Hicks?!?

Heart of Rachel said...

Congrats to Kris (even though I was rooting for Adam). :)