Thursday, May 07, 2009

Kris Allen Comes Home

Click the graphic (courtesy of Fox 16) to head over to the Fox 16 site where you can find all things Kris Allen related. He's back in Arkansas and will be performing live tomorrow at several venues. You can find the schedule there as well as videos from his performance tonight. We love you Kris and are so proud of you. Keep up the good work. No matter what the outcome of American Idol, you're headed for greatness.

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Travis said...

When I saw that he had made it through, I thought you might be just a bit excited.

Anonymous said...

I'm a working mother of two boys and I'm a devout Christian, too. As TV viewer, I recognize that American Idol is a singing talent contest open to all, regardless of orientation or religion. It is not a popularity contest among class of persons. In Season 8, Adam Lambert consistently proved to be the amazingly innovative artist and the best singer, gifted with a powerful voice. America's vote for Kris Allen, or America's vote against Adam Lambert, seems to be a contemptuous hate vote against the sectors of society that Adam Lambert appears to stand for. ADAM LAMBERT DESERVED TO WIN. Even Kris knows this within his Chistian heart, so much so that when he was unexpectedly handed the undeserved crown, he hesitated and then asserted in open public that "Adam deserves this..." -- in righteous adherence to glaring truth and instinctive repudiation of the unbelievable subsuming vote results. You could actually count many seconds before perplexed Kris finally acquiesced to receive the undeserved crown, but only after Adam graciously approached to gesture an encouragement. Adam Lambert is the true winner. What can be wrong with America? Or what can be wrong with this American Idol TV Show?

Crazy Working Mom said...


Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Obviously the majority of the American Public disagree with you and that is why Kris was the winner. I think that both men are talented, in very different ways. There is no doubt in my mind that they will both go on to do great things with their careers. Winning American Idol is not a measure of success. In my humble opinion, making it to the show is. The Top 13 were a very talented group of individuals and I think that we will see more success from this year's talent than we have in season's past. If you'd like to debate this further, maybe you could post under your name instead of anonymously. Thanks for stopping by.