Friday, May 22, 2009

EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge (Day 2)

I would like to start this post with a huge THANK YOU from the folks over at EA Sports Active for the opportunity to receive this game. I was a lucky winner in a contest they held via their Facebook page. If you're not a friend, click the link above to get over to their page and add them.

I received the game on Thursday and could not get it opened fast enough to get started on it. To say I was excited about this game would be a huge understatement. I have been looking forward to trying this game out since I first started reading about Julie's 30 day challenge. When I first got the Wii Fit I was pumped about getting fit and active so that I could lose this "baby fat" that is still lingering around. Since my "baby" is almost 9 months, I can no longer blame this extra weight on the pregnancy. I have been very happy with the results I've achieved by using the Wii Fit but I was feeling like I wanted a little more. I needed something that was more work than play. The EA Sports Active was most definitely the answer!

I am on day two of my very own 30 day challenge. Thank goodness tomorrow is labeled a "rest" day because my muscles are screaming in agony at me. They are not used to the seemingly endless lunges that I put them through today. The whole time I was pushing through telling myself that I CAN DO IT. I want to lose this weight and I want to prove that I can follow through with this. This was a work out, my friends. There was no clicking through to figure out which exercise I would perform next. There was no starting and stopping. This was an intense half hour of hard core cardio and strength building exercises. When I finished, I felt good. I felt refreshed and revived. Now I am sore! This is a good thing, right?!

I love that the game shows you how to do each specific exercise with a real person in a real video so you're not guessing if you are performing the tasks correctly. I also like the fact that you can see how many calories you've burned during each task and how much you've burned in the work out. There is also a timer that shows you how long you've been working out. The only down side I see to the EA Sports is that it does not track your weight loss progression. I guess that getting fit is not all about losing weight, but I do like to keep track of the number, so I will probably continue to do my daily weigh ins with the Wii Fit to keep track of my progress.

My kids played this game and loved it as well. There are many different sports activities such as volleyball, tennis, basketball, and boxing. There is also dancing which I really enjoyed, but the kids didn't like it as much. I don't think that this game will replace Mario Kart and Bowling for them, but they did enjoy it.

I will be tracking my progress here for the next 30 days (and beyond I'm sure). If you've purchased this game, I'd love for you to join me on my journey. If you've not purchased this game, maybe this post will convince you to do so. For busy working mom's like myself who have no time for the gym, this is the perfect solution. I am certain that I will be seeing positive results from this game in the near future. I just can't wait!

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Patricia said...

Go Tish. Go Tish. Go Tish. That looks like great fun, too!

Your baby is 9 months old already? How did that happen?

Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend.

Akelamalu said...

Good luck with the challenge Tisha. I can't believe Emily is almost 9months old aready! :0

Sara Bonds said...

Awesome! Congrats to you. I am doing Wii Fit right now, but I will have to also buy this now :o)

The Gray Family said...

My husband just got me "Active" We both started it Friday night and love it. Thanks for sharring this with others. I wish you luck on your 30 Day Challenge!!! Keep up the good work!


maggie said...

Awesome review. Before I came to your blog today I was looking at the Active's reviews and had decided I wanted it but wasn't sure about spending the money. Now I know I want it even more and will spend the money. Thank you :)

Laura in Canada said...

I have been doing the 30 day challenge too, a few days behind you I think (I received it for my birthday on the 22nd and started the following Monday). How many bleep bleep bleeping lunges are there! And now 3 minutes of fast kick ups - what is that all about!