Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Mom's Prescription

One of the toughest things about being a Mom is all of the ins and outs. I'm in and out of the cold several times a day taking kiddos to and from school, daycare, field trips, doctor appointments, etc. My hands are constantly in and out of water from washing bottles, butts, and everything in between. I have always had a problem with dry, itchy hands. It just comes with the territory and basically I have just learned to live with it until now. I've found a product that lives up to it's name!

Vaseline Intensive Resuce Clinical Therapy is the greatest thing since sliced bread, folks. I am not just saying that either. I am not being paid to say this. This is my honest opinion. This stuff is great. So great that a 50 year old mother of four started a word of mouth campaingn in Kodiak, Alaska. You can read more of her story here.

I usually refrain from putting lotion on because it tends to be oily and when I am busy with paperwork or typing at the office, greasy or oily hands are not a good thing. I put this lotion on and have no problems typing on the keyboard, or flipping through invoices and paperwork. It made my dry, rough hands feel as smooth as silk. It also immediately ceased the itchiness caused by my dry skin. I am simply amazed that a non-prescription product can be so amazing. Thank you Vaseline for such a wonderful product!

I will be prescribing this product to my husband who has rough, dry hands as well as my children who tend to get dry, itchy patches on their arms and legs in the winter time. Who would you prescribe this product to?

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katherine. said...

I just may need to try this...I too hate that oily stuff...and I hate shaking hands with someone who has just put lotion on...when it smells different than mine...smile...