Thursday, May 15, 2008


I didn't tell my readers the story about what happened when my husband decided that he was going for a guy's weekend in Talladega to watch the Nascar race. As it turns out, the tongue on our camper was broken from his last fishing trip fiasco when it came loose from the bumper and luckily the chain held it on to the truck and kept it (and the boat that was behind it) from rolling off into the river. One of the buddies that was traveling with them had a camper but it had a fifth wheel hitch so he borrowed his brother's truck since it already had one. They got ready to leave and somehow the camper came loose and it ended up crushing the tailgate and rear end of the truck. Thankfully his brother had really good insurance and he was able to rent a car to accommodate his travel back and forth to work. Hubby ended up taking his own truck on the trip and pitching a tent at the camp. His brother's truck is fixed and things are well. But, I still think that my husband should refrain from pulling any recreational equipment especially near bodies of water. I think next year when they get ready to go to Talladega he should look into a car rental to begin with. If you're in need of a rental yourself, you should look into Advantage car rental!

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Grandy said...

Yeah, get him a special plate so I know which one he is on the road. Thanks for the warning. :)